Valerie Coe

Drawing and Painting Horses in Watercolor

Valerie Coe

Drawing and Painting Horses in Watercolor

April 8, 2022-April 10, 2022
Full-Day 6 hours 9-4
$360/3 day Workshop

In this workshop we will explore Mother Nature’s most glorious creation – The Horse! How to properly draw the horse and portray its form in watercolor will be our focus. We will concentrate on the basic proportions of the horse, as well as evaluating coat color and how best to approach a painting. The color wheel and color mixing will be covered as well as washes and wet and dry brush techniques. Watercolor is the most exciting medium as it is the only medium that performs on the paper and delivers exciting and oftentimes, unexpected results. Watercolor is often maligned as a difficult medium, however, I do not believe this to be true and I hope that by the end of the workshop you will be convinced that these stereotypes of watercolor are unjust. The aim of this workshop is to help you feel comfortable and excited about drawing and painting horses in watercolor.

Valerie Coe

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The pure joy and contentment I find on the back of a horse provide the focus and the inspiration for my work. My painting celebrates the essential role of the horse in ranch life and the bond between horse and rider that so deeply defines Western culture. Nothing absorbs or delights me more than using my paintbrush to capture the animals, people, and scenes of our ranching communities.
Painting in watercolor l allows me the freedom to heighten colors and to enhance subjects, creating a new reality, which is so central to the joy of being an artist.
My husband Ned and I raise Red Angus cattle on the edge of the Great Basin, work that not only inspires me but provides me with an abundance
of subject matter.

Watercolor is a joyous medium that has earned an unfair reputation as being difficult. Teaching allows me the opportunity to dispel this myth and share the joy of watercolor with other artists.

To see more of my paintings, please visit my website at www.valeriecoe.com


Valerie has a huge wealth of knowledge and a knack for sharing it. She is approachable, fun and insanely talented.

Valerie’s workshop was a lot of fun. It was very informative. We had plenty of time to practice what she taught. Valerie is very positive and affirming. She gave us plenty of individual attention.


Valerie was fun, an expert in teaching the material, down to earth, and very comfortable to be around. She put us all at ease and was so very helpful in teaching us the easiest way to paint with watercolor. I’m excited to continue.


Valerie’s workshop was so beneficial. I feel I have significantly improved my pencil drawing and watercolor skills from the instruction in this workshop. I have learned to observe detail and values that are the foundations that make the drawing or painting. 


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