Susan Stover &

Lisa Pressman

Layers of Meaning in Wax

Susan Stover
Lisa Pressman

Layers of Meaning in Wax

October 2, 2021-October 4, 2021
Full-Day 6 hours 9-4
$760/3 day Workshop

This workshop is for the intermediate or advanced artist who works in encaustic or cold wax.  Whether you have a story to tell or want to dig deeper into your own artistic motivations, we will look at how the pieces of our histories come together to influence how we work and what we create. Working with a limited palette, we will be making collage materials to embed into encaustic and participants are welcome to bring personal artifacts such as, journal pages, letters, or photographs. Techniques to include processes such as gestural mark-making, image transfer, pigment sticks, embellishment, stenciling, glazing, layering and depth, transparency and opacity, repetition, and pattern. Topics of discussion and slide presentations to focus on personal meaning and cultivating a students own visual language.

This workshop includes a private session with both Lisa and Sue in the weeks before class starts to clarify each students direction and ideas about the class. 


Learn more about Susan on her website .

Susan Stover is a San Francisco Bay Area artist who creates paintings and sculptures that explore themes of cultural identity and mythology. With the study of ethnic patterns and of utilitarian and sacred objects in non-western cultures, her work embraces ritual, tradition, and meditation through repetitive labor.

Susan received a MFA from California College of Art in Oakland, California and a BFA from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Her paintings are in many private collections and in 2016 was commissioned for several pieces for the American Ag Credit headquarters in Windsor, CA. Her work was featured on the cover and in the lead article of the Surface Design Journal Winter 2016 issue and has been included in The Art of Expressive Collage by Crystal Neubauer, Studio Visit, and Gathering Clouds – A Magazine of Contemporary Art. She teaches workshops in her northern California studio, other locations in the U.S., and internationally.


Learn more about Lisa Pressman on her website 

Lisa Pressman is a model of what a teacher can bring to the table for students. I have seen her teach, and I’m in awe of her ability to bring out the best. It also says a great deal that other teachers take her workshops. No one–no one–who takes a few workshops and then turns around to teach could come close to what a seasoned, generous and brilliant teacher like Lisa has to offer. Why would any student want to settle for less?

Joanne Mattera, painter, founder/director of the International Encaustic Conference

Joanne Mattera

painter, founder/director of the International Encaustic Conference

Lisa Pressman’s career as an artist has been marked by exploration of the expressive potential of a variety of mediums, among them oil, encaustic, cold wax, and mixed-media collage. Her work is abstract, conceptually based, and process-driven, featuring marks, forms, colors and patterns that are evocative rather than descriptive.

A New Jersey native, Lisa developed rich visual imagination at an early age. Her father owned a lumberyard and her mother was an actress, artist, and antiques dealer. Lisa grew up surrounded by building materials and immersed in multiple forms of cultural expression that nurtured her curiosity and aesthetic sensibility. A trip to Israel when she was 12 revealed to her that the world is filled with a variety of visual images, textures and colors that contrasted sharply with her previous experiences. This recognition of her own visual acuity was the defining moment when she realized she was going to become an artist.

A highly respected arts educator, Lisa maintains a vigorous teaching program. She’s been on the faculty at the former Art Institute of NY, a visiting professor at Pratt Institute and other universities, and has taught workshops in France, Mexico, Italy and the U.S. Especially renowned for her teaching of encaustic and cold wax processes, she is an annual presenter at the International Encaustic Conference in Provincetown, MA. She also is an instructor for R&F Handmade Paints and Gamblin Artists Colors. As a mentor, her focus is on the facilitation of each student’s voice − the awareness of the source of what they are doing and why, and the medium and visual language with which they can most effectively express their artistic vision.

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