Stan Kurth: Intuitive Painting with Ink, Watercolor and Gouache

$335/3-day Workshop

January 13, 2023- January 15, 2023

Intuitive Painting with Ink, Watercolor and Gouache

This workshop is designed to teach all levels of students to paint intuitively, starting without preconceived notions or outcome. There will be no preliminary planning or drawing. Process will dictate direction as students use ink, watercolor and gouache to implement elements and principles of design. Instruction will start with random ink marks, then color using a mixture of ink, watercolor and gouache to create a library of design elements. There will be regular comments and evaluation of work in progress concerning relationships between elements and principles. It is entirely possible finished work may be representational, but the goal is work which is compositionally pleasing and aligned with the artist’s personal aesthetic.

Skill Level Required

All Welcome

About Stan Kurth

Artist and workshop instructor Stan Kurth has drawn and painted most of his life. An aunt, who was an artist and art instructor, became a big influence even before he began school. Stan lives with the conviction of “fear not” and that same attitude permeates not just his life but his art. His focus and dedication to his work have earned him signature member status in several watercolor societies including the National Watercolor Society, San Diego Watercolor Society and the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies (Master). He currently lives in Arizona.

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This was an incredible workshop. The demo was great as was the critique discussion.
– Kathleen


I had a lot of fun doing this, came away energized with brand new skills under my belt. Thanks Stan.
– Susan


All we have in non-objective painting are the principles and elements – until you remember intuition counts. Intuition requires practice. Practice requires drive. Stan Kurth shares the practice with inspiring honesty and insight.
– Kathleen



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