Sarah Sedwick

Painting the Dynamic Still Life

Sarah Sedwick

Painting the Dynamic Still Life

December 3, 2021-December 5, 2021
Full-Day 6 hours 9-4
$460/3 day Workshop

Paint looser, and more confidently during this three-day workshop with Oregon artist Sarah Sedwick! Take a step-by-step approach to alla prima oil painting, from black-and-white studies to brilliant color. Build a beautiful composition with life and movement, get a new perspective on the still life, and learn tips for bringing inspiration to your home studio practice.

We’ll also delve into the fundamentals of good design, creating black and white oil studies to plan compositions that work. Emphasis will be placed on working from the general to the specific – big value shapes first, small details later.

Using a split-primary palette as our color foundation – two reds, two yellows, and two blues – we’ll do quick, fun exercises to focus on loosening up our brushwork before creating a finished piece. Sarah will demonstrate, and work with each student individually. Painters of all levels are welcome. Instruction is in oils.

(Ages 15 and above.)

Sarah Sedwick


Learn more about Sarah Sedwick on her website .

Sarah Sedwick is a prolific painter of still lifes inspired by color combinations and perceptual effects. All are painted from life.
Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Sarah earned a BFA in Illustration from The Maryland Institute, College of Art in 2001.
Based in Oregon, she has been teaching workshops on alla prima still life and portrait since 2013, and also conducts an online art mentorship program.
Her teaching philosophy is simple: the more you paint, the more you improve – so removing the blocks that keep us from the canvas is key. Loosen up, let go of perfectionism, and watch the results unfold!


“Thank you for a well organized, extremely helpful workshop, with a great combination of instruction and practice in a relaxed setting. I feel like I have lots of new tools to practice using – a great jump start for the winter months when we’ll be painting indoors.” 

- Judy V.

I want to tell you how much I enjoyed your workshop.  I learned so much that will change my painting process and skills! Truly a meaningful experience for me, and a confidence builder. 

Sheila C

What a wonderful workshop! Thank you!  I really appreciate how well-organized and efficient you were about running everything and keeping us all moving.  The pace was perfect and not only are you a wonderful artist but you also know how to teach.  The two don’t always go together so thank you.

Ingrid M.

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