Ruth Armitage


See the Future: Painting and Design Experiments

Ruth Armitage

See the Future: Painting and Design Experiments

February 25, 2022-February 27, 2022
Full Day 6 hours 9-4
$405/3 day Workshop

See the Future: Painting and Design Experiments

I’m sure you’ve been there if you’ve been painting for any length of time. You start a painting and get about 3/4 of the way finished when you come to a crossroads. It needs something, but you’re not sure which way to go. You have a couple of ideas about how you want it to look, but you’re not sure which one to choose.

Join Ruth to learn how using the Apple Pencil along with a $10 app on the ipad can help you see the future of your painting. You’ll experiment with confidence, knowing that everything is reversible with a touch – and find new solutions to your painting dilemmas.

Our 3 day class will focus on painting, design and composition. Along the way, you’ll learn the basics of using the app Procreate on the ipad. We’ll cover simple actions with this complex tool: layers, picking colors, brushes, and adjustments such as cropping and skewing images.

Students should walk away with confidence with adjusting images and making experiments in digital form. You’ll bring a couple of paintings that have progressed to the ‘teenager’ phase and work to find creative resolutions. The Procreate app enables you to ‘try before you buy’ a new solution. Experimenting digitally is a no-risk solution.

Requirements: an ipad that supports the Apple pencil (https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT211029), paintings in progress, an updated version of the ProCreate app ($9.99) and an adventurous spirit.

Ruth Armitage

Learn more about Ruth Armitage on her website .

Ruth Armitage  is a signature member of the  National Watercolor Society , Rocky Mountain National Watermedia, California Watercolor Association and the Northwest Watercolor Society, and Past President of the Watercolor Society of Oregon. The Watercolor Society of Oregon has awarded her its Outstanding Service Award. Ruth’s work has received many local and national awards, including the Loa Ruth Sprung Award in the National Watercolor Society’s 95th Annual Exhibition.
Inclusion in numerous national publications and exhibitions has led to wide-spread recognition for Ruth. You may have seen her work profiled on Oregon Public Broadcasting’s “Oregon Art Beat.” Most recently Acrylic Artist Magazine ran a 10-page feature article in their Spring 2016 issue.
You can find Ruth’s work in Portland at the Portland Art Museum’s Rental Sales Gallery. She is a gifted  instructor and has juried several local and state exhibitions. She enjoys sharing the creative process in the classroom and watching lightbulbs come on in her students’ eyes. Read their comments about Ruth’s classes on her ‘Workshops’ page. Ruth and her husband Marc, both fourth generation Oregonians, maintain a small farm and studio in rural Oregon City.


“Ruth, I think you are a wonderful teacher. Thank you for your positive and fun attitude. I especially liked to learn from your example, and I was glad to see you paint and struggle at times too…then solve whatever problem a work presented.”

-Debra Chase

As I remember you were wonderfully flexible, offering structured and unstructured engagement, and offering thoughtful and helpful feedback on ideas and possibilities to each of us. The experience during the workshop was broadening and inspiring

- Jo Senters

“Your encouraging and fun-loving style has made my week a delight. Thank you!” 

-Kathleen Walsh

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