Ruth Armitage: Moving Toward Abstraction


Moving Toward Abstraction

Do you wonder what makes abstract art more than just ‘something your 5 year old could do?’ Have you always wanted to move beyond painting from photographs or painting what you see? Are you often bored by technique demonstrations?

Join Ruth to learn how adventures in abstraction made her a better realistic painter. She’ll talk about working in a series and show how these two ideas can help you become a more creative and expressive artist.

Ruth will cover:

The difference between abstraction and non-objective painting
How the design principles and elements help direct her process
How working in a series helped her discover a way to paint abstractly that felt personal and fulfilling
Key takeaways for judging abstract paintings

You’ll enjoy Ruth’s sense of humor and open manner, and come away with free resources to help you ‘see differently.’

Skill Level Required


About Ruth Armitage

Ruth Armitage is a Signature Member of seven watercolor societies, including NWS. She has served as the WFWS delegate and President for the Watercolor Society of Oregon. Her work is widely collected and exhibited regularly at Waterstone Gallery, Portland, OR, Portland Art Museum’s Rental Sales Gallery, The Waterstone Gallery in Portland, OR and the Earthworks Gallery in Yachats, OR.

Ruth has taught workshops for over 20 years: from Oregon to France and in between. Her classes are popular with both left & right-brained artists. One participant said: “Ruth teaches us design cloaked in creativity.” Her focus is on helping artists achieve their comfort level on the spectrum from Photo-realism to Non-Objective art.

View Ruth’s work on her website: RuthArmitage.com or find her on social media: Instagram.com/ArtistRuthArmitage/ or Facebook.com/RuthArmitageStudios

Learn more about Ruth Armitage

on her website:

“Ruth has so much to offer in many different aspects of creating artwork. She is approachable and respectful. She ranks well among the other excellent classes I have taken. Ruth is decisive and thoughtful with her answers. Her ability to be personal and honest yet gentle are commendable. The class was worth my time and money and I have come away with many ideas, both theoretical and practical to work with.”


Ruth is a modest and approachable professional with lots of experience she is willing to share. My learning experience in this class was better due to several types of teaching methods—- personal art evaluations, teaching time, reference examples/materials and frequent desk critiques.
I left feeling excited and inspired about my art and a new approach to my creative process.”


“It was a very rewarding workshop. I feel everyone came away with new and exciting ideas. What I liked most was the slide examples and your description of how, why and what makes each work. No, maybe it was the exercises, no the demos, no the something different each day, or maybe it was —- everything. I felt your workshop was a good all around learning experience for everyone, any level. You have such a great since of humor, it made us all feel relaxed and right at home. “



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