Loriann Signori: From Planning to Response

$595/4-day workshop

January 20, 2023- January 23, 2023

From Planning to Response

This pastel workshop will focus on

the development of a painting using field studies (plein air), photographs and

studio exercises. Loriann will provide daily demos that illustrate ideas and

concepts about composition, simplification and creating beautiful color


We will be exploring the balance

between construction and destruction and its role in seeking beauty. By

reducing description and exploring the painting’s inner space you can find the

feeling of endless possibility. The magic happens when the conversation is

between the artist and the painting.

Skill Level Required


About Loriann Signori

Loriann Signori is a landscape painter, a painter of luminosity. Her work is based in traditional methods and defined by colorist tendencies. Yet her aims and methods undergo continual transformation. One thing stays consistent: the paintings are, essentially, an emotional interpretation of time and place. A life-long painter, Signori earned her BFA from Swain School of Design and her MFA from American University, but the real work began outdoors and in the studio.
Signori’s work has been published in numerous books and magazines, including Pastel Journal, Plein Air Magazine, Home and Design, and Composition in the Landscape.
Signori is a noted workshop instructor and is a faculty member of the Pastel Society of America’s Academy and Winslow Art Center (Bainbridge Island, WA.). Demonstrating a diversity of medium, her talent has been showcased in galleries and museums throughout the United States and abroad. Currently she is represented by Warm Springs Gallery in Warm Springs, VA.

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I’m glad I did the course again as it has given me time to assimilate and practice the course content. I don’t suffer fools gladly and I have been on many educational courses where I have learned nothing, but this is not one. You are a wonderful teacher and thank you so much for your help and sensitivity,


Thank you so much for the great class! You asked, but I haven’t a clue how it could be any better, more informative and organized. I appreciate you!


This class has been so inspiring, full of wow’s – I feel I am just starting to get some of the concepts – thanks x zillion for teaching this class and wow!



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