Lois Griffel

Painting the Impressionist Landscape

Lois Griffel

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March 14, 2022-March 17, 2022
Full Day 6 hours 9-4
$485/4 day workshop

This workshop focuses on how to capture color and light into your paintings by gaining insight into the foundations of Impressionism.

The workshop is based on her two books, Painting the Impressionist Landscape and Painting Impressionist Color.

You will learn how to interpret nature with rich and beautiful colors.

Highlighting the importance of strong and colorful starts, Lois will combine Impressionist theory with the essential principles of successful paintings.

The morning session will be held outdoors with afternoons in the studio. This will allow time for finishing paintings with follow up lessons on the mornings subject matter. Each consecutive class is based on what has been previously covered; carefully building from each lesson to make the learning curve easier and concise.

Open to artists of all levels, using any opaque medium such as oils, water based oils, or pastels. You may use Acrylics if you are experienced using them outdoors.

This workshop is informal and fun, but be prepared to learn a lot and work hard too!

Lois Griffel

Learn more about Lois Griffel on her website .

Lois was honored by the American Impressionist Society as a Master Signature Artist. She is one of only a handful of artists to sign “AISM” after her signature.
Her book, Painting the Impressionist Landscape was published over 25 years ago by Watson-Guptill and is considered an exemplary source on seeing color and light. It has been translated into four languages including Chinese. Her second book, Painting Impressionist Color embellishes the lessons in the first book, while presenting many important new concepts.

Lois’ paintings have twice graced the cover of American Artist Magazine and many others. She was also featured in The Artist’s Magazine, The Boston Globe, American Art Review and the New York Times..

Lois has taught painting workshops throughout the United States and Europe and has had many sold out shows in New England.

Her mission is to share her love of color with artists and collectors to help people see the world in a new and beautiful way. She hopes that her paintings serve as a reminder that nature is precious and fleeting and we must do everything in our power to preserve it.

She has been featured in articles in The Artist’s Magazine, The Boston Globe, American Art Review and the New York Times. She has authored articles for American Artist Magazine which includes a supplemental magazine called “ Color for the Oil Painter.” As one of the featured artists, this issue was the second time that her painting graced an American Artist cover.

Ms. Griffel recently became a year round resident of Arizona and adores the landscape , the light, and most especially, the people.


Since meeting you in November and participating in the Tubac Workshop I am experiencing my life almost entirely through light and color. The mystics have all spoken of light as truth, love, the essence of being, even as the universal intelligence. I am now experiencing a new level of spiritual awakening and I have to say, that you have inspired that.
How can I thank you for a gift so profound?
I love you for what you’ve opened up for me. I honor and respect the tradition form whence it has come and I honor you for serving that tradition and for your unflagging commitment to continue moving outward with it.
Thank you for putting me on that path.
In all humility,


Lois Griffel’s “Painting the Impressionist Landscape” is very simply a must have for the library of anyone interested in using color to capture their surroundings in paint, anyone interested in bringing their work to a new level. Of the many books on my shelf this is the one that I would not do without. Lois Griffel has demystified a painting process, made it easy to understand and given us a way to practice it, the oft’ dreaded block studies. She has successfully fulfilled her stewardship of the Cape Cod School started by Charles Hawthorne and developed by Henry Hensche. She is a great teacher who should be read and studied by anyone interested in color, especially painters both experienced and beginner alike. Many of today’s greatest painters studied with Hensche. The rest of us can get a touch of the training here. Great book!

I took a painting workshop from Lois and she is such a giving person, not afraid to share what she knows. I learned so much about using colors and values from her. I highly recommend this book to any painter, impressionist or not! It has lovely photos of finished works and works in progression. Wonderful.

C. Irwin

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