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Many beginning painters are intimidated by the thought of taking color and brush to canvas.  This class will allow you to have a successful painting – right from the start. Overcoming the initial fear will empower you.

Oil Rub Out Technique

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Class Description

What You’ll Learn

* An comprehensive overview of the materials, supplies and tools used in oil painting
* Drawing basics and a system to improve your rendering skills
* How to access shapes, values, colors and their relationships
* Color mixing processes to match any color you wish to mix.
* The various approaches to completing a painting in oil.

What You’ll Get

* Detailed presentations and demos
* A workbook for all your notes
* PDF Guides, Tips and Tricks, and many other Resources
* Devoted Painting time along with individual guidance and gentle critique.
* A new tribe of like minded creatives.

What You’ll Need

* A willingness to step outside your comfort zone
* The desire to learn
* This list of supplies to get started
If you or someone you know has been contemplating adding a creative practice to your life, this class will truly be a benefit to your pursuit.
Students will receive individual attention at every step along the way, leaving with a basic knowledge of the materials and techniques used in oil painting as well a completed painting.*results may vary

About Lisa Morrow

Lisa retired four years ago from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and now lives in both Macomb IL (in the warm months) and Tubac, AZ. For forty years Lisa’s avocation was pottery – specializing in thrown and hand built porcelain. Having always wanted to paint in oil, she began taking weekly classes with Karla Runquist in Roseville, IL. In Tubac, a mecca for artist classes and workshops, she has studied with Leslie Miller, Director of the Tubac School of Fine Art. In addition, she has taken workshops with a number of renowned painters (e.g., Lorenzo Chaffez, Jessica Garret, David Simons, Peggy Judy, Charlie Thomas). Her work has been recognized in a juried show (honorable mention) and she had a solo exhibit at the McDonough District Hospital in Macomb, Il. Her current work can be found on Etsy (LisaLeschPaintings on Etsy).

Oil Rub Out Technique

Workshop Instructor
 January 26-March 2, 2021
Tuesday Mornings
$216/6 Classes

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Lisa Morrow

Learn more about Lisa Morrow and her artwork. Click to go to her website.

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