Laura E Pollak: Abstracting the Landscape

$570/3-day Workshop

May 9, 2023- May 11, 2023

Abstracting the Landscape

This Pastel Workshop is fast paced and filled with exercises and information. The goal is to move from tight and stiff landscapes to more expressive and looser paintings.
We will work on
-giving yourself permission to ‘play’, a safe place to experiment
-what to eliminate and what to keep in
-the dynamics of a composition
-cropping and position
-how angles lead you to the focal point
-exercises in Values for a powerful painting
-exercises in mark making
-color theory
-where / how to find inspiration
-exercises in which colors play well together
-edges and the role they play in a successful painting
-underpainting options and techniques
-eliminating more and more until we reach abstraction
-getting the ‘Glow’

Art Reviews will be conducted daily in a positive and encouraging format so we all learn from each other. I will be using Ipad apps to share ideas of how to improve a painting and can then email the image to each artist.

Skill Level Required

All Welcome

About Laura E Pollak

Laura Pollak was born in Detroit Michigan and has
always had an affinity to the arts; studying ballet,
piano and art. Her Master of Arts from Michigan State
University and post graduate work at Center for
Creative Studies included many painting classes as well
as Graphic Design. The latter led her to a career in
Advertising at some of the largest Agencies in the world
on clients as Sears, Nortel, Kraft, Kodak and General
Laura and her husband moved to North Carolina in
1985 and she started her own successful ad agency with
clients around the State.
Painting became her main career 10 years ago and she
is now a full time professional artist.
Laura has put on 4 Solo Exhibits and has won awards in
several venues. Her works are in galleries and museums
across the nation and juried into National and
International Shows. Recently, she has won acclaim in the
very prestigious International Association of Pastel
Societies and the Pastel Journal, Pastel 100 Shows and the
Pastel Society of America.
Her subject matters range from landscapes and garden
scenes to playful abstracts.
“I can remember the greatest gift my parents gave me
at the age of 4 was the Crayola Crayon set of 72 colors!
I have been enthralled with color ever since. I’m
fascinated with light and shadow patterns. Even the most
mundane subject is glorious when truly examined,
especially in sunlight. It is a joy to capture the beauty in
this world and hold these fleeting moments in a painting.
A refuge one can revisit again and again.”
Laura has been teaching Online and in Person for several
years. She accepts commissions and professionally
frames each painting herself. Feel free to contact her with
Laura Pollak•PSA,PSWC, PSNC,SPS,ZIAPSMC • Fine Art •www.laurapollakartist.com•laurapollak.artist@gmail.com
2022-Top Award in Abstract Category for the Left Coast Pastel Society
2022- 2 Honorable Mentions in Pastel 100
2021- Juried into IAPS International Association of Pastel Society
2021- Honorable Mention Pastel Society of NH
2021- Juried into the Pastel Society of Eastern Canada
2021- Honorable Mention Pastel Society of North Carolina
2021- Juried into Enduring Brilliance/Pastel Society of America
2021- First Place in the PSWC Abstract Category
2020- Honorable Mention Pastel Journal Pastel 100
2020- Honorable Mention Southeastern Pastel Society
2020- Second Place Left Coast Pastel Society
2020- Juried into the Pastel Society of Cape Cod Show
2020- Award of Excellence Piedmont Pastel Society
2020- Honorable Mention in the SWFPS Small Works Show
2019- Juried into the STROKES Book, November OF GENIUS Publication/Bound
I2n0t1e9rn-aWtioinnnaelrAorft tCoopmawpeatridtioinn Abstracts in the Bold Brush
I2n0t1e9rn-aHtioonnoarlaSbhleowMention in the Southeastern Pastel Society
2S0h1o9w- iJnurAieldbuinqtuoertqhueeInNteMrnational Association of Pastel Societies
2019- Merit Award in the Left Coast Pastel Society
2018- First Place in the Statewide NC Pastel Show
2018- Solo Exhibit, Greensboro, NC
2018- Juried into the Degas Pastel Show in New Orleans
2018- Governor’s Award from the Maryland Pastel Society
2S0h1o8w- iJnurTieadcoimntaoWtheAInternational Association of Pastel Societies
2S0h1o8w- iJnurTieadcoimntaoWtheAInternational Association of Pastel Societies
2di0r1e7ct-oSreocfoNndCPMlaucseeiunmthe Statewide NC Pastel Show curated by
2p0u1bl7i-shJeudried into the Richeson International Small Works Show and
2017- North Ridge Juried Show, Raleigh
2017- Solo Exhibit, Greensboro, NC

Learn more about Laura E Pollak

on her website: 

Hi Laura,
This month’s classes have been some of the most valuable and worthwhile time I’ve spent in ages.
You have literally taken me from not knowing how to hold a pastel to feeling like I can progress on my own until your next classes are offered.

You’re an amazing teacher and with your help, I’ve discovered that I really love pastel painting, abstracts to be specific. They are so freeing!
Of course, you’ve ruined me for life financially…I want full sets of everything!

Thank you again and please keep me on your list for future classes or reunion classes.

I’ll be away most of next week, but maybe the week after that, if you’re not in Naples coordinating Florida business, we can get together for that well deserved glass of wine.

Marcia B

Laura’s class was well prepared and extremely well presented.  The use of technology actually enhanced the learning because we were able to see the demos clearly and also see what other participants were doing.  Laura does not try to make people paint like her but tries to give them the tools to be their best.
This was also one of the few, if not the only, that emphasized concept, design, and creativity in the process of making art.  One can master the medium but still produce a failed painting if those three things are not considered.
Finally, although this is oriented to pastels, the concepts can be applied to all mediums.

Janice S

Laura Pollak’s workshop,  Abstracting the Landscape, is a well designed class that provided students with a way into the mystery of how to create an abstract painting that adheres to all the design, color, and composition ‘rules’ for a good painting. The three days were packed with useful art information, technology tools and tips, suggested readings, stories, fun exercises, demos, and critiques.
She gave constructive actionable critiques and made sure each student was getting what they needed. She is a generous, thoughtful, fun instructor who loves what she does!
I would highly recommend this class.

Julie D


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