Krystal W. Brown:

Game Changing Plein Air

$532/3-day Workshop

Game Changing Plein Air

This PLEIN AIR workshop will truly be a GAME CHANGER for you.

If you want to paint better –  Be more accurate – Convey your vision and impression – and do it all with JOY this will help.  If you want to paint effortlessly – Free from stress and better able to let the magic flow, this is the place to start.   You will come to understand how to create more comfortably, confidently and joyfully while learning all the tips and techniques that have taken me years to cultivate.  No more guessing!  No more uncertainty!  No more fear!  Just SUCCESS.

You are invited to paint in oil or water soluble oil if possible.  I will have insights to share with you acrylic painters as well so don’t let the medium detour you.  

 This is what to expect from our time together.

Day One
Introduction and discussion. Intentional Focused Learning dialogue. Nuts and Bolts of our time together.

Watch the birth of a painting as I explain AND demonstrate the process from the grisaille and my unique approach to “Sight Size”. This will go through LUNCH – be sure to have what you need to fuel your body.

Learn how to streamline your set up, pallet, and sight selection. You will be exposed to all the strategies that I employ to get me joyfully, and successfully through a plein air painting. 

I’ll guide you through the process that will get you to the good stuff of painting out in nature.  You will discover what most plein air painters only come to know through trial and error and years of practice. 

You’ll be presented with examples and guidelines that will take your plein air work to the next level as we discuss composing and choosing what to paint.

You put into practice what you’ve learned and I will be by your side to help with plenty of one on one interaction – set up – site selection – design consideration – that will speak specifically to your needs. I will ask for your permission to paint on your panel and collaborate with you to get you up and going. Think of it as having training wheels on your bike.


Watch the implementation of what was discussed the day before as you witness the guide in action.  Learn what questions I ask myself to gain insight. See how to use the tools that will guarantee success and help you determine what to approach and in what order. 

Lunch break

You will be guided and helped as you choose your view and design.  I’ll be right there as you try what you’ve learned beging in grisaille.  You will get plenty of one on one interaction that will help you realize your vision. With your permission I will paint on your PALLET to offer individualized suggestions that reaffirm what you’ve learned. All the marks made on your panel will be yours. The training wheels are off and I’m running beside you as you find your balance and way forward.  

* PAINT – Enjoy applying what you’ve learned as I make the rounds and offer suggestions when asked. You will have as much help and guidance as you want to solidify what you’ve learned during our time together.

* WRAPPING IT UP – We will wind up by presenting your beautiful paintings. The three pieces you’ve created during our time together will be displayed and discussed. You will have the opportunity to see how what you’ve internalized can be carried forward in effective ways and how our time together was a GAME CHANGER for you. The finish is just as important as the process so please plan to stay to the end.

* THE CHERRY ON TOP – Group photo and a send off that will leave you knowing you have so much to offer when you contribute authentically in your unique way, using the new GAME CHANGING tools and techniques you’ve discovered over the past three days.

Thank you for trusting me with your resources, time and creativity. I am joyfully in your service and looking forward to the beauty you will bring to the world.

Skill Level Required


About Krystal W. Brown

The Art of Krystal W. Brown is a painted view of the world and how she reveals it originating from a need to create and a love for getting lost in the process and place.

K.W. Brown’s work has been featured in Plein Air Magazine, American Art Collector, Fine Art Connoisseur, and Southwest Art. She is a Signature Member of the National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society.

Krystal delights in sharing her knowledge and teaches others to create their art and contribute their unique voice through workshops, one on one instruction, and facilitating life groups. She is proudly represented by Marta Stafford Fine Art in Marble Falls, Texas.

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If your goal was to share your knowledge and passion for art; impact and change lives; touch our hearts and improve our skill-set… MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

I will be a better and more confident artist moving forward because of YOU!” Marla


“Krystal is an incredibly talented artist and educator. Her work is of the highest caliber and beauty, evoking emotion and awe. As an instructor, her approach is patient, open and of the highest quality. ” Penny


“Krystal Brown is a fine artist from Texas. She is well known and well respected in the plein air painting world. In her work she combines her masterful skills in oil paint with her loving vision of our beautiful world. Recommend!” Jan


“I have known Krystal for about 8yrs. now, having met at a portrait workshop with Daniel Gerhartz in Wisconsin. Krystal is one of the most genuine persons I know. You can’t go wrong working with her.” Moss



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