Julie Patterson: Reconnect to Your Creativity through Abstract Art

$235/2-Day Workshop

May 5, 2023- May 6, 2023

Reconnect to Your Creativity through Abstract Art (even if you’ve never picked up a brush)

Have You Ever Said of a Painting “My 5-Year-Old Could Do That”? Well, Time to Find Out!

This course welcomes, not only artists and art lovers, but all curious participants to the world of abstraction.

Through this two-day course, you will practice letting go of expectations and creating with the abandon and joy of a child. With an attitude of “WHAT IF,” we will use acrylic paint and markers on large sheets of mixed media paper. Julia will guide you through the process of making multiple “starts” and then adding many layers and texture to these starts until the pieces are resolved. She promises on her pinky ring it will be fun 🙂

Along the way, we will touch on the principles of mark making, composition, value, texture and color, the same principles behind any style of art.

Prepare yourself for fun, play and self discovery!

We will be working on 18×24 Strathmore 400 series mixed media paper with acrylics, brushes, acrylic markers, cake scrapers, pencils, anything that makes a mark, and anything that creates texture and makes you squeal, i.e. sandpaper, steel wool, wire brush, etc.

Skill Level Required

Mixed media

About Julie Patterson

Julia Patterson

A native Texan and resident of Arizona for 35 years, I own deep roots in the American Southwest. I want to capture those moments that have tripped some artistic trigger in me, and their allure have led me from watercolor, pastels, and oil to acrylics.

From representational oil paintings, I’ve journeyed now in the quarantine years to more abstract or whimsical pieces. Perhaps there was another kind of virus out there? At any rate, this deep dive into painting with abandon combined with a good foundation of art principles is leading me to new levels of spontaneity and intricate design.

I love to share this new approach to art-making ~ the freer we become, the more joy will infuse our work. Join me!

Learn more about Julie Patterson on her website: www.juliapattersonart.com


4 Calle Iglesias, Tubac, AZ 85646

PO Box 5112, Tubac, AZ 85646