Jim Wodark

Painting the Southwest

Jim Wodark

Painting the Southwest

April 14, 2022-April 16, 2022
Full-Day 8 hours 8-5
$485/3 day Workshop

Do you struggle with ugly paintings. Are you full of excitement when you start a painting, only to get depressed at the end because the painting seems to fall apart? How do you communicate your vision and joy effectively in your painting? It all starts with Composition, The most important part of painting! Learn how to compose better paintings! Come join Jim Wodark in beautiful Tubac, Arizona and see how to strengthen the design of you paintings so that
they look more like what you intended.
Discover several ways to compose a painting as well as how to use Values, Color, Edges, Line and Shape to direct the viewer in your painting. The course will be a combination of studio and Plein Air painting using and honing the skills and techniques Jim presents. It’s the best way to start the New Year! The course is a 3 day workshop with Jim Wodark. He will discuss and demonstrate several ways to compose landscape paintings. Jim will go step by step and show you how to compose successfully, as well as how to use the tools of painting, Values, color, edges, line, shape, to guide your eye through the painting.
The more you understand these ideas and methods, the better your painting will reflect the story and emotion that you wish to communicate.

Jim Wodark

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Jim Wodark is an award-winning plein air artist who was born and raised in Colorado. Throughout childhood, his parents, both artistic in their own right, were incredibly encouraging of his creativity but drew the line (so to speak) when he filled his 2nd-grade teacher’s shoes with paint. He went on to earn his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of Northern Colorado and attempted to fulfill his passion for art by taking an art class each semester. After several years of working corporate jobs, and trying to fit art around his schedule, it occurred to him that he either was or was not an artist. Luckily for his many fans and patrons, he chose the former.

He started out putting his keen observation skills and humor to use as a cartoonist. Fourteen years later, attracted to the attitude and economy, He moved to Southern California. He found true love in Julie, now his wife of 23 years, and in fine art, as he began to explore the plein air technique, initially using watercolors and acrylics. “When you grow up in Colorado, it’s hard not to love the outdoors. For me, being outside and capturing the light, mood, and atmosphere on a canvas for other people to enjoy, is just an incredible feeling.”

His next breakthrough came with the birth of his first child, and his discovery of oil paints as his medium of choice. As his family grew (twin girls!!!), so did his commitment to being a great father, husband, and prolific painter, painting out in the field or in the studio every single day. “I paint to express myself. I am compelled to share the inspiration that I feel when I see a beautiful scene, to be inspired and inspire in return. I want to translate the beauty around me — a fleeting moment — into something permanent and timeless that brings those same feelings to life for each viewer.


“Jim Is one of the best… trust me! He has set me on the right path. I have a long ways to go, but when I start a painting now I always ask, ‘What would Jim do?”

- Ken

“Great Instruction! He has a calm and clear teaching style. I liked the way he explains his thinking on color, drawing, value, line etc. as he is painting.” –


“Lots of great information presented in easily understood and immediately usable format. Jim really understands composition and gave me all the tools I could use to compose better. Really glad I took this course!”

- Laura

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