Bill Inman

Are your landscape and flower paintings feeling tired or timid? Bring life and joy into your work with juicy saturated color, thick textured strokes of paint, and fun, unpredictable brushwork.

Bring Life to Your Landscape and Flower Paintings

Bill will teach you to fill your paintings with life by using with rich colors and textured strokes.

Workshop Description

Are your landscape and flower paintings feeling tired or timid? Let me help you bring life and joy into your work. How? I’ll teach you what I know about juicy, saturated color combinations, how to paint thick textured strokes of paint in tree foliage or flower petals, and how to use fun unpredictable brushwork to guide the viewer through your paintings. If the class enjoys painting outdoors, I will do a quick plein air demo to show you how I gather information and then use that in the studio. Each morning I will demonstrate brush techniques and bravura painting and then help each of you with your paintings and any questions you might have.

About Bill

Bill Inman sold his first painting through a professional art gallery in 1983 at the age of 17. While attending art school throughout the 80’s he continued selling his work professionally and went full-time in 1991.

His love of painting is closely matched by his love for teaching. He taught his first workshop in 1993. Today his Master Oil Painting online courses are some of the most popular training courses in the world, having helped thousands of artists in over 100 countries around the world increase their skills and understanding of painting.

Bill is free with his knowledge – he holds nothing back. He would love to see each of his students exceed what he has done!

While he completed grueling illustration and life drawing classes, he became enthralled with his painting mentor’s Russian Impressionist style of bold vigorous brushwork and juicy color.

His goal is to use as little detail as possible to convey an image, so the viewers’ imagination participates and allows them to experience his original enthusiasm, wonder and awe. “Flowers seem so alive” collectors often comment that “I can smell the fragrance”. He uses on-location studies, memory, imagination and digital photos to create his loose naturalistic works.

His desire is to help viewers feel like they are looking out a window or doorway into a beautiful scene, one that beckons to forget the world for a while and simply enjoy the peace and serenity, the incredible beauty Heavenly Father has provided.

His artwork has sold consistently through galleries since 1983. He is the recipient of the Congressional Art Award. His work has appeared in Southwest Art, Fine Art Connoisseur, and Western Art magazines. His paintings can be found in numerous national and international collections from Switzerland to Saudi Arabia and throughout the United States and Canada.

Bring Life to Your Landscape and Flower Paintings

Bill Inman
 March 5, 2021-March 6, 2021
$310/2-Day Workshop

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Bill Inman

Learn more about Bill and his artwork. Click to go to his website or click a social icon to follow his social media feeds.

“Bill is an incredible Artist Teacher, he makes it so easy to understand and I just love the way he explains everything! He’s the best guy I’ve seen in lots of years, truly awesome artist!” 

Rose Marie

“Sat here in North England watching your videos, I have often wondered why no matter how loose I try to be – I just tighten up…reworking and reworking my paintings, as I try to paint from photos. I particularly liked your explanation how why and how you changed Stoney Creek farm, both in composition and colours. Too often, I see online how paintings work perfectly for other artists, and wonder if it’s just me that ends up disliking what have painted (another addition to the dust bin). Of course I am no artist (just paint for hobby), and have no formal art training – but you bring with your art and videos such a passion for painting, it certainly brings us all to reach out further in our artistic endeavours to create beauty and balance on our canvases. Spring will be coming soon here in the UK, and you have stirred me to get out there and paint! With heartfelt gratitude, thank you so very, very much.” 


“Bill, I started watching you videos on YouTube about a year ago. I have since gone to real life art classes here in Boulder, Colorado but honestly you break things down so comprehensively that I have found your instruction and demonstrations far better than real life ones. I also really enjoy your sense of humor and personality!”


“Just wanted to let you know how your sharing has affected me. I LOVE your lessons and teaching style, I LOVE your depth of gratitude for our Great Designer and the gift of beauty He put there right in front of our eyes. I LOVE your sharing of some of your family adventures. I LOVE the knowledge I’ve gained from your efforts and the confidence that is growing within my painting attempts.” 


“Bill is a fantastic instructor and has a way of explaining technique in a way that is easy to understand. He is an excellent communicator and each lesson is well put together and is never boring.” 


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