Bill Inman: Learn Juicy Color, Bravura Brushwork, and Convincing Edges with Oils

$260/2-Day Workshop, Other

March 3, 2023- March 4, 2023

Learn Juicy Color, Bravura Brushwork, and Convincing Edges with Oils

Are your landscape and flower paintings feeling tired or timid? Let me help you bring life and joy into your work. How? I’ll teach you what I know about juicy, saturated color combinations, how to use thick textured strokes of paint in tree foliage or flower petals for naturalistic edges. You’ll learn how to use vigorous, unpredictable brushwork to capture the attention of your viewers and make painting more fun for you. I will do both plein air and studio flower painting demos each morning and point out how to eliminate unnecessary details. The demos will prepare you to paint each afternoon. The first morning is the exception – I will teach you to do some fun, quick (10-15 minute) shape painting exercises to help you simplify complicated landscape or flower scenes (I will supply the ‘canvases’ for you to use for this exercise). Each day I will demonstrate bravura painting and different brush techniques, and then help each of you with your paintings and any questions you might have. I will try to finish one of the studies during the workshop so you can see my process for creating a gallery-ready painting.

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“Bill you are so kind, I have to say that you have truly inspired me in a way that has rekindled my love for painting, your videos and the way that you teach really took away the fear that I had to paint and gave me the courage to pick up my brushes and do what I love. I am so grateful that I happened across your videos they definitely brought me back and I will forever be grateful to you for that.”


“Bill is an incredible Artist Teacher, he makes it so easy to understand and I just love the way he explains everything! He’s the best guy I’ve seen in lots of years, truly awesome artist!”

Rose Marie

“Just wanted to let you know how your sharing has affected me. I LOVE your lessons and teaching style. I LOVE your depth of gratitude for our Great Designer and the gift of beauty He put there right in front of our eyes. I LOVE the knowledge I’ve gained from your efforts and the confidence that is growing within my painting attempts. A humongous thank you for all your hard work and time and to your son who brings this digital accomplishment to ALL YOUR STUDENT FANS!”



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