Amy Brakeman Livezey:

Techniques in Acrylic Paint

$335/3-day Workshop


March 24, 2023- March 26, 2023

Techniques in Acrylic Paint

In this workshop Amy introduces you to her framework for adding variety and mystery to every acrylic painting. She will help you discover new ways to apply paint and manipulate the surface of a painting, adding richness along the way. Techniques covered will include layering, texture-making, glazing, and taking advantage of acrylic as glue.

The goal of this course is to give you a variety of creative tools to expand your acrylic art practice, while introducing you to Amy’s own process of integrating abstract and realistic elements. The days will consist of several demonstrations followed by painting time where Amy will visit with and assist artists as they move through their own creative journey.

We will focus on abstract approaches for demonstration purposes, but the techniques you practice will be applicable to any subject or style that suits your own unique voice. You will work on 5-6 panels throughout the workshop that are meant primarily as practice pieces where you can try out different techniques. By the third day we will be focusing on bringing one or two of your panels towards completion.

Skill Level Required

All Welcome

About Amy Brakeman Livezey

Amy Brakeman Livezey worked her way from the midwest to the western states and has resided in Helena, Montana since 1993. She began her creative career with a focus on independent filmmaking, which allowed her to explore a full range of interests: history, language, visual art, and music. Over the years Livezey drifted towards jobs that had a creative bent, but in 2017 she decided to eschew any work that took her away from personal expression and re-dedicate herself to her art practice.

Since that time she has become known throughout the region for her depictions of historic subjects in abstract expressionist fields. Using paint, subtraction tools, bits of ephemera, and photo transfer techniques, Livezey expresses in a modern form her interest in western history, feminism, the human form, and portraiture. Her studio is adjacent to that of her husband, landscape artist Dale Livezey.

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I love Amy’s particular style and wanted to learn more about her technique. I learned so much from Amy and I really enjoyed the workshop and all of the people in the workshop as well. And yes, the course (and Amy’s way of working) took me out of my “comfort zone.” I found I COULD work more “loosely” after all — something I had been afraid to try. Loved the experience and I was very proud of all of the pieces that I produced during the workshop.

“Amy is a very competent instructor who willingly shares her techniques and helps the student to find direction when they are struggling.  She makes you feel like moving forward to achieve those results you want and need. 

I came to learn the secret of her simply effective backgrounds which she can integrate so beautifully into her work. 

I came home armed with ammunition to digest, review and assimilate into achieving some of that in my work, but mostly to get there through experimentation and play. 

Thanks so much for a a great experience!! 


I loved the Amy Brakeman Livezey workshop at the Tubac School of Fine Art. The location was fantastic and Amy is a generous and talented instructor, sharing her techniques and experiences in a way that all level of artist can absorb and apply to their own work. I came away from the workshop with more confidence in my work and encouragement to keep exploring without self judgement.  

Amy’s class opened up some new paths of exploration for me. She is both supportive and inspiring and shares many skills and processes throughout her workshop.


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