Amy Brakeman Livezey

Techniques in Acrylic Paint

Amy Brakeman Livezey

Techniques in Acrylic Paint

March 18, 2022-March 20, 2022
Full-Day 6 hours 9-4
$345/3 day Workshop

We will focus on abstract approaches for demonstration purposes, but the techniques you practice will be applicable to any subject or style that suits your own unique voice. You will work on 5-6 panels throughout the workshop that are meant primarily as practice pieces where you can try out different techniques. By the third day we will be focusing on bringing one or two of your panels towards completion.

Amy Brakeman Livezey

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Far from small town Ohio where she grew up, the west allowed Amy Brakeman Livezey to blossom into an explorer of landscape and character. Her first true medium of expression was filmmaking, but soon after settling in Montana in 1993 Amy turned to painting. Her work combines realistic figures with abstract elements, inviting viewers to engage with history, time, and emotion. She is now a full time artist residing in Helena, Montana with her husband, artist Dale Livezey.

“My paintings are explorations of history using paint, photographic finds, pieces of paper old and new, and a variety of tools to build up and then mine the images for a fresh look at the past. Layers and abstraction serve as an homage to the complexity of this endeavor – the chaos of the moment and our ever changing cultural perspectives.”


After an almost 30 year hiatus of not doing art, I recently decided to start up the creative process. In the last 2 years, I’ve taken at least a dozen classes. I have to say that spending the afternoon in Amy Brakeman’s studio was my favorite artistic experience. EVER!! First of all, Amy is a very gifted artist and just seeing her work is an inspirational treat. But she was so well organized and had so many tools and methods to try. And she really emphasized that while we may or may not walk out with a masterpiece, the day was about allowing ourselves to experiment and have fun! And there was absolutely nothing that you could not ask her…She readily shared all of her knowledge and would even do on-the-fly unplanned demos just to answer a question. Whether you’re an experienced artist, someone just getting back into the swing, or a newbie…Amy will make you feel relaxed and ready to have a fabulous time creating your very own kind of fantastic!

Kris L

I asked Amy Brakeman Livezey to be my mentor because of her phenomenal art. She combines abstraction with realistic historical images in an evocative and exciting way.

Amy’s relaxed and playful approach to Acrylic painting teaches and encourages as I learn techniques for Design, Value and Color Harmony. I have always felt supported and motivated even when I bring the roughest beginning or most awkward stage of my paintings.
One of my very best decisions has been to ask Amy Livezey to mentor me. My work in Acrylics is stronger and I feel more confident in my intention and abilities since starting my mentorship. It has been a joy to play and work with her!

Tamara B

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