Increase your chances of being Discovered

Wouldn’t it be nice if suddenly you and your art were “DISCOVERED”

Your work appears in magazines

Your collectors anxiously await your next painting with baited breath

Galleries are calling from all over the country to represent you

The prestigious shows are inviting you to participate in their next event

Your workshops are sold out the minute you post the offering

Wow, wouldn’t it be nice.

It’s fun to dream, but that won’t get us there.

As artists we can, however, increase our chances of being discovered by influencers in our industry and beyond.

“Collectors, galleries and editors want to find you AND they want to know you are serious about your art.”

Here is the inside scoop on how editors of art magazines find you.
Whenever editors are looking to feature artists in their publications they search for artists of interest to their assignment.
Where do they “discover” these artists
  • online art shows
  • art events
  • art shows
  • paint outs
  • conventions
  • podcasts
  • social media
  • art association memberships
  • press coverage
Then they visit your website. What are they looking for?

First and foremost they want to see you are a professional
  • Do you have a CV Statement?
  • Is your website up to date?
  • Is you art organized into themes?
  • Do you have an artist Statement?
Your art will speak for itself These four things will show that you are a professional and you take your art business seriously.
Why would someone else take it seriously if you don’t?
CV statement? What’s that?

Curriculum Vitae

It is an overview of your artistic professional history and achievements. It is an important document to have available on your website and to give to gallery owners. Many times a CV is needed to apply for art association memberships or to be eligible for juried shows.
  • CV statement is the the fastest way to establish the value of your work
  • Hot off the press (keep it up-to-date)
What to include in your CV
  • awards
  • exhibitions
  • press references including blog posts
  • memberships and affiliations
  • education and training including workshops
  • teaching experience
Hyperlink all references, to the above categories, if there’re numerous select the very best.
I have a worksheet to help you organize your CV Statement
Click here to download now.

Download CV Statement Worksheet

Website up to date?

Keep Art fresh on website archive only pieces which have won awards, been published or have limited additions.
Everything you have ever painted does not need to appear there. only your best work.
  1. Update, update, update!
  2. Keep it clean
  3. Make sure its mobile friendly
  4. Link everything you do back to your website

Do you have an Artist Statement?

This is a great resource on writing your artist statement

Make it easy for collectors and influencers find the art that they are seeking

Is you art organized into themes? Such as portraits, landscapes, still life etc.
For inspiration check out these artists websites

Much of this information I learned at the PACE convention in 2016 “Be a Profitable Pro Workshop”
Thanks to Violeta de la Serna and Sarah Webb for their great presentation and sharing their knowledge.