In Memorium Lou Maestas

At the Tubac School of Fine Art LLC, we endeavor to honor a man who was overwhelmed by inspiration and generosity of spirit to share with the world the beauty we can only express through art. In the short time Lou Maestas’ lived in Tubac, he touched hundreds of students and peers with his passion and love for creativity.
Known for his oil rub-out paintings primarily of the southwest and the Native Americans which influenced his life, Lou graciously shared his knowledge and guidance to everyone he met. Lou had a way of endearing his students and empowering them with his encouragement. He brought together a community of artists who know everyone’s need for beauty, and who have a yearning to share their passion for art with others. He shared his experience, tricks of the trade, and his personal techniques in a way that made you feel special- like he was filling you in on some magical formula that no one else knew and he was going to share it with YOU. It was like he gave me the super-rich experience of a lifetime career in art in a brief, condensed version and I will be forever grateful.
For me, it was Lou’s belief in me that gave me the confidence to explore my desire to create. I can still hear him saying, “feel the fear and do it anyway,” “values, values, values…then any color will do,” “what color is this?” always making me think it through. He was hard on me, expecting a lot, but I always knew he loved me and believed in me. I knew that he’d do anything to see me succeed.
He was a modern master, eager to share the beauty he saw in everyday life. He taught others to share it too. That is Lou Maestas’ legacy.
-Leslie Miller

Experience Art Education

Lou’s teaching experience was extensive, having owned and operated Art Masters Academy in Albuquerque, New Mexico from 1986 – 97 with 17 teachers offering a full curriculum in Fine Arts. He previously taught art full-time at Clarke County Community College, Las Vegas, Nevada from 1975 – 82, substantially increasing its enrollment. His teaching style included discussion of spiritual and art philosophy, creativity, art theory and technique, and included the requisite student critiques, numerous demos, and seminars.
A  dedicated Lou Maestas student, Leslie Miller, will head up the re-incarnated version of the school. She learned well from the old master rub-out artist and fully intends to fulfill his vision of building a creative art nucleus where artists, art teachers, and their students will constitute a new art education reality for the community. With her energy and enthusiasm fused with a well-defined organization regimen, her and Lou’s many fellow artists and students aim to see Lou’s school become a major art education venue in southern Arizona.
-Rick Vose

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