2022-2023 Season Workshop Catalogue

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Connie Rohman
Connie Rohman Gelatin Plate Printing & Stitching on Fabric October 2, 2022- October 3, 2022 $320/2-Day Workshop
Jim Petty
Jim Petty Cactus, Cactus, Cactus in Watercolor October 21, 2022- October 22, 2022 $335/2-Day Workshop
Kathleen Conover
Kathleen Conover Chaos to Order: Watermedia Workshop October 24, 2022- October 27, 2022 $535/4-day workshop
Bill Cramer
Bill Cramer Desert Colors October 27, 2022- October 28, 2022 $385/2-Day Workshop
Marilyn French-St. George
Marilyn French-St. George: Introduction to Nature Journaling $226/Weekly Series-3 ...
Krystal W. Brown
Krystal W. Brown Game Changing Plein Air November 5, 2022- November 7, 2022 $532/3-day Workshop
Leslie Miller
Leslie Miller: Easy Monotypes With Gelli Printing Plates $150/1-day ...
David Mensing
David Mensing Dynamic Painting With a Palette Knife December 2, 2022- December 5, 2022 $460/4-day workshop
Michaelin Otis
Michaelin Otis Watercolor on handmade surface POSTPONED $425/4-day workshop
Stan Kurth
Stan Kurth Intuitive Painting with Ink, Watercolor and Gouache January 13, 2023- January 15, 2023 $335/3-day Workshop
Loriann Signori
Loriann Signori From Planning to Response January 20, 2023- January 23, 2023 $510/4-day workshop
Dawn Emerson
Dawn Emerson Sumie on Claybord and Monotype with Pastel January 27, 2023- January 29, 2023 $485/3-day Workshop
Keiko Tanabe
Keiko Tanabe Capturing the Essence with Watercolor January 30- February 1, 2023 $495/3-day Workshop
Leslie Miller OCW
Leslie Miller 2 Explorations in Oil and Cold Wax February 3, 2023- February 5, 2023 $385/3-day Workshop
Scott Gellatly
Scott Gellatly Abstracting the Landscape February 7, 2023- February 9, 2023 $605/3-day Workshop
Lewis Art Williams
Lewis Art Williams Painting The Desert By Bike! February 14, 2023- February 16, 2023 $435/3-day Workshop
Susan Stover and Lisa Pressman
Susan Stover and Lisa Pressman Mark-Making, Drawing and Encaustic February 18, 2023- February 20, 2023 $860/3-day Workshop
Betsy Kimbrough
Betsy Kimbrough Travel Sketch Tubac! February 20, 2023- February 21, 2023 $260/2-Day Workshop
Barbara Kuzara
Barbara Kuzara Monotype Printing Without a Press February 24, 2023- February 25, 2023 $275/2-Day Workshop
Geoff Allen
Geoff Allen The Joy of Plein Air Painting February, 26 2023 $250/2-Day Workshop
Ruth Armitage
Ruth Armitage Moving Toward Abstraction February 28, 2023- March 2, 2023 $405/3-day Workshop
Bill Inman
Bill Inman Learn Juicy Color, Bravura Brushwork, and Convincing Edges with Oils March 3, 2023- March 4, 2023 $260/2-Day Workshop, Other
Anita Lehmann
Anita Lehmann Expressive Drawing: A Design Workshop March 6-March 8, 2023 $610/3-day Workshop
Jessica Garrett-Lawrence
Jessica Garrett-Lawrence Understanding Color March 10, 2023- March 12, 2023 $410/3-day Workshop
Dianna Fritzler
Dianna Fritzler Paint Bodacious Blooms March 14, 2023- March 16, 2023 $405/3-day Workshop
Leslie Miller & Dianna Fritzler
Dianna Fritzler & Leslie Miller Bee A Cold Wax Boss March 18, 2023- March 20, 2023 $505/3-day Workshop
Sarah Jane Webber
Sarah Jane Webber Barnyard Brushtrokes March 22 & 23, 2023 $285/2-Day Workshop
Amy Brakeman Livezey
Amy Brakeman Livezey: Techniques in Acrylic Paint $335/3-day Workshop   March 24, 2023- ...
Lorenzo Chavez
Lorenzo Chavez Fundamentals of Landscape painting from Life. March 28, 2023- March 31, 2023 $700/4-day workshop
Charles Thomas Spring
Charles Thomas Spring Sonoran Plein Air March 31, 2023- April 1, 2023 $315/2-Day Workshop
Roberta Rogers
Roberta Rogers Plein Air Watercolor March 31, 2023- April 1, 2023 $285/2-Day Workshop
Susan Kuznitsky
Susan Kuznitsky Capturing the Light in Pastels April 7, 2023- April 9, 2023 $460/3-day Workshop
Barbara Mulleneaux
Barbara Mulleneaux Plein Air April 7, 2023- April 8, 2023 $335/2-Day Workshop
Anton Nowels
Anton Nowels Dramatic Light: Contrast and Expression April 14, 2023- April 16, 2023 $335/3-day Workshop
Julie Patterson
Julie Patterson Reconnect to Your Creativity through Abstract Art May 5, 2023- May 6, 2023 $235/2-Day Workshop
Laura E Pollak
Laura E Pollak Abstracting the Landscape May 9, 2023- May 11, 2023 $570/3-day Workshop
Bill Cramer Spring
Bill Cramer Spring Desert Colors May, 09 2023 $385/2-Day Workshop
Lisa Morrow
Lisa Morrow Oil Rub-Out January, 05 2023 $260/Weekly Series-6 weeks

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