Photo by Steve Gunther — in Los Angeles, California.


2020 There’s Enough for Everyone Challenge

Part Challenge and Part Fundraiser sponsored by Tubac School of Fine Art


Throughout history art has depicted the times.
Would you like to contribute to history with your art and help families in need at the same time?

We have an opportunity to do just that. 

Since laughter is the best medicine and it’s April Fools Day, We have an art challenge that can be a light hearted way to record this pandemic artistically. (As opposed to the few gruesome depictions of the Spanish flu of 1918) It can be an opportunity to release some of our uncertainty and anxiety around this scary time in our history. 

Proceeds collected from entry fees will distributed by Montessori de Santa Cruz Charter School to local Tubac families in need during this time of shortages and isolation.


The light-heart theme of this challenge, titled,

“There is Enough for Everyone!” Is toilet paper.

Use your creative juices to create a 2-D piece of artwork

to commemorate one of the craziest themes

to come out of this pandemic.


Winning artists will receive prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place donated by Tubac School of Fine Art.

Feel free to use the images by Steve Gunther for reference or use your own imagination to create your masterpiece.


Applications close: April 15, 2020
Finalists announced on the Tubac School of Fine Art LLC website Blog page: April 20, 2020

Photo by Steve Gunther — in Los Angeles, California

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